Interactive fun for age 4-9 and parents

by Gary Young 
An illustrated, interactive storybook for children
to be read aloud and acted out by parent and child.
    Ages 3-9.           
IT SEEMS...carries on the oral tradition of the “Ole Sloppincabbage” fables,
created during the Depression.  There was no television and little radio, and people
relied on creativity and  imagination to carry them to places of interest, fun, and awe. 
The best of these traditions included the family in an active way,
reading, listening, and creating the stories. 

The stories can be a little different, or the same, each time they are read. 
It depends on the moment.  Parent and child will enjoy playing with
Mr. Strabinsky (the dog), Ole Sloppincabbage, Luke, and the folks.
The stories are about silly problems for which the characters need a solution.

Read aloud.

Specific portions are meant to be acted out by the parent and child,
but are written in such a way that the story can complete if the parent
or child are not comfortable acting out the portions.

Solving the problem in the book.  The narrative provides for a
solution by the child.  If no solution comes, or if it is a solution
that does not work, the narrative handles this in a positive way
to insure a good outcome.

32 page hardcover book, with at least six books immediately ready.       
An unlimited number can follow, depending on the demand. 
Merchandising and animation opportunity.
How do you get a dog out of a tree? 
The popcorn eating contest. 
Luke gets stuck in a hole. 
Eddy Elephant’s Problem.
Luke finds something strange in his sandwich.
Mr. Strabinsky finds a cricket.
A very sticky Halloween.
Benny Bedpost has a booger.
The big, fat egg. 
Peanut butter and Luke.


You! A major contributor to the successful outcome of many of the problems
posed in these stories is the person to whom the story is being read.
Ole Sloppincabbage & Luke:  dense but loyal and generous.   Always getting into silly predicaments.
Mr. Strabinsky (Dog): wears glasses because he has Strabismus.  Funny, affectionate, smart, a little sneezy.
Mary (age 9):  Loyal friend to Luke and Slop, very smart, fun-loving, good at solving problems.     
Johnny Curbstone (age 8):  good at listening, but not really plugged in.
Terwilliger:  A business man who can sometimes be mean and sometimes be helpful (not always on purpose).
          Nate Alwayslate    
Bessy Fewclothes   
Berkeley Bannanapeel   
Waggle; his brother Wiggle   
Mable Gatsky, mean lady  
plus fifty-five other characters